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The Only Job a Robot Couldn’t Do

Daniel Carter, Assistant Professor of Digital Media

About 8 percent of U.S. adults earn money by doing contract work through so-called “gig economy” employers like Uber, Favor, or Amazon Mechanical Turk, according to the Pew Research Center; if the trend continues, one-third of Americans will support themselves this way by 2027.

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Continuous Innovation in Product Management

Henrik Ståhl, Dagens industri

In today’s world of fast-paced digital transformation, we often take innovation for granted. Not only do we expect Apple or Samsung or HTC to revolutionize the smartphone market with every single product release, but also to revolutionize other markets with completely new products. Continue reading “Continuous Innovation in Product Management”

Ad Tech’s Impossible Mission

Rick Webb, timehop

Why ad tech won’t be the internet’s savior in its battle for television dollars.

When it comes to the promise of the internet conquering advertising and solving Wanamaker’s dilemma of “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the problem is I don’t know which half,” the internet’s main weapon in its arsenal has always been advertising technology, known in the industry as simply “ad tech.” The improved technology of advertising was to be the secret weapon that would bring additional efficiency and solve Wanamaker’s dilemma. To this day, financiers and other bullish proponents of the internet claim that all of the ad money spent in our economy will inexorably migrate over. Continue reading “Ad Tech’s Impossible Mission”

We Need to Talk About Kevin: My Attempt to Build a Trustworthy Twitter Bot

Marty Santalucia, MFStrategies LLC

Kevin Brown’s twitter profile (@kevbrown618) describes him as a 26 year old progressive from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He’s an active member of #TheResistance and readily contributes to liberal social media campaigns such as #FireHanity (an effort to convince Fox News host Sean Hannity’s sponsors to turn their backs on his program, effectively stripping it of funding). His insights earned him retweets and likes by CNN contributor Jason Kander and hundreds of other people; his content has been seen over 131,000 times in just over 6 weeks.

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Facebook is going to kill LinkedIn. Here’s how.

Jaakko Palaanen, Leadfeeder A short while ago I was at a get-together with our investors and one of them mentioned how they are filled with Linkedin connection requests every day.

Nothing special about that, right?

I mean it’s bread and butter for a lot of us here on LinkedIn and it’s often hard to decide whom to accept and whom to ignore. If an introduction message is missing from a connection request it’s an instant turnoff for me — if it’s not somebody I really know. Continue reading “Facebook is going to kill LinkedIn. Here’s how.”