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“There are Only Two Ways to Tell Your Story.”

Steve Bryant, Dicks & Betties

Getting Attention

A brand does not want attention. A brand wants revenue. A brand acquires revenue by selling its product. But in order to sell its product for revenue, the brand must first get people to pay attention to that product. So every brand needs to be in the business of getting attention whether they want to be or not. At the end of the day, everything is PR. Continue reading ““There are Only Two Ways to Tell Your Story.””

Ad Tech’s Impossible Mission

Rick Webb, timehop

Why ad tech won’t be the internet’s savior in its battle for television dollars.

When it comes to the promise of the internet conquering advertising and solving Wanamaker’s dilemma of “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the problem is I don’t know which half,” the internet’s main weapon in its arsenal has always been advertising technology, known in the industry as simply “ad tech.” The improved technology of advertising was to be the secret weapon that would bring additional efficiency and solve Wanamaker’s dilemma. To this day, financiers and other bullish proponents of the internet claim that all of the ad money spent in our economy will inexorably migrate over. Continue reading “Ad Tech’s Impossible Mission”

Haters Gonna Hate: What We Can Learn from Facebook’s 2006 News Feed Redesign

Imagine you’re a software developer. You get put on a team to redesign a core feature of your company’s application. You spend months collecting user data, prototyping, testing with users (they love it!), and building the application. And today it goes live.As soon as your feature goes live, phones start ringing, emails start pouring in, and your CEO has to make a public apology. Because everyone hates the redesign.Imagine hundreds of thousands of people protest the change. They start anti-your-feature webpages. They boycott your product en masse. Time magazine writes an article dissecting your failure.

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Enabling Autonomous and Secure Smart Objects by Utilizing Blockchain-Technology

Thommas R. Hetlevik, Sonat 

Internet of things (IOT) is described as the third wave of information technology driven competition. The transformation from mechanical products to products where information technology is a part of the product itself, is making way for IOT. Smart connected products pave the way for new business opportunities, autonomous products and cloud services that store and analyse product data.

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Digital Marketing: The analytical edge

Thommas R. Hetlevik, Sonat 

Digital marketing is a term that has emerged to describe the usage of the Internet and digital media to support marketing. By using digital technologies, marketing teams achieve marketing objectives defined in the organization. As more consumers, customers and prospects are present and active on different online platforms, digital marketing needs to encompass different kinds of media channels. Paid media, earned media and owned media needs to be considered in the competitive and complex buying environment of today’s market.

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A Look Inside Walmart’s Next-Gen Test Stores

Jeff Muench, Walmart

The world is navigating a cultural revolution into the digital age.

Meeting customers’ needs is critical as they adopt more digitally-driven lifestyles, expectations increase and increasingly shopping options do not require a trip inside a store.

With this in mind, Walmart is testing new approaches in two recently opened supercenters in Tomball, Texas, and Lake Nona, Florida. These stores were fully reimagined from a new layout to building and environmental enhancements to added technology that all improve the shopping experience. Continue reading “A Look Inside Walmart’s Next-Gen Test Stores”

What Books Are Inbound’s Top Marketers Reading?

Inbound is a huge community of marketers sharing their latest ideas and articles, so we were curious to know what kind of books their top members recommended on Twitter over time.

What books are Inbound’s top marketers reading? 🚀

To answer this question, we collected 450 usernames from Inbound’s Top Members page, and scanned their Twitter profiles for book recommendations. You can see below a list of 15 recommendations, or visit Inbound’s bookshelf for more books.

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