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The Only Job a Robot Couldn’t Do

Daniel Carter, Assistant Professor of Digital Media

About 8 percent of U.S. adults earn money by doing contract work through so-called “gig economy” employers like Uber, Favor, or Amazon Mechanical Turk, according to the Pew Research Center; if the trend continues, one-third of Americans will support themselves this way by 2027.

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Continuous Innovation in Product Management

Henrik Ståhl, Dagens industri

In today’s world of fast-paced digital transformation, we often take innovation for granted. Not only do we expect Apple or Samsung or HTC to revolutionize the smartphone market with every single product release, but also to revolutionize other markets with completely new products. Continue reading “Continuous Innovation in Product Management”

“There are Only Two Ways to Tell Your Story.”

Steve Bryant, Dicks & Betties

Getting Attention

A brand does not want attention. A brand wants revenue. A brand acquires revenue by selling its product. But in order to sell its product for revenue, the brand must first get people to pay attention to that product. So every brand needs to be in the business of getting attention whether they want to be or not. At the end of the day, everything is PR. Continue reading ““There are Only Two Ways to Tell Your Story.””

The Future of Online Retail: Digital Customers’ Experience 2.0

Daria Samokish, Competera Every marketing or pricing manager has at least once seriously thought about online retail’s future. Over the last few years, digital experience has made an online store’s competitiveness highly dependent on a customer rather enterprise itself. Everybody is welcome to use a mobile app for barcode scanning, directly compare prices online, search the ratings and reviews on desired products or services. As a consequence, omnichannel access to information continuously affects an online store’s reputation, hence the customer’s perception and behavior at an amazing pace.

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