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Running Scared – Why the Bank of the Future Is Not a Bank

Sultan Meghji, Virtova

About 10 years from now, are we going to look back and realize that banks had already missed the massive market change and were already on their way out? Recently, I have been having a number of conversations with friends and clients (all experts) about digital transformation and banks built for the future. On more than a few occasions, we’ve stared down the rabbit hole of tactical topics like building the best product development shop, becoming a better acquisition target or attracting millennial depositors. Continue reading “Running Scared – Why the Bank of the Future Is Not a Bank”

FinTech is Not a Threat to Banks. Telcos, WhatsApps, & Amazons of the World Are [Curated Content]

Elena Mesropyan, LTP

 As of July 2017, WhatsApp counted 1.3 billion active monthly users. To put things into perspective, imagine that the whole population of India or China is active on WhatsApp every month. WhatsApp is a well-known heavyweight in mobile communications, and now, the Facebook-owned social app is armed and ready to storm one of the most important FinTech markets in the world – India. All local players (possibly Remitly, PayU, PhonePe, Paytm) are entering a whole new level of competition with this announcement. Fascinating times ahead! Continue reading “FinTech is Not a Threat to Banks. Telcos, WhatsApps, & Amazons of the World Are [Curated Content]”

Why and How the Cryptobubble will Burst?

DK, Entrepreneur

For someone who has lived through the .com bubble the madness currently unfolding in the crypto space is just plain breathtaking. It is quite awe inspiring to see people make the exact same mistakes they made 17 years ago. Of course, today’s investors are likely different people who, for the most part, have not lived through the .com bubble. Continue reading “Why and How the Cryptobubble will Burst?”

Progression of FinTech to FinServ

Mehul Desai, LTP

Conforming to and simultaneously molding user behavior around new products & services for secure mobile transactions are critical for driving adoption. Ensuring that these products and services are built and deployed in such a way that they can continuously evolve to changing user behavior is a critical component for ensuring scale.

Continue reading “Progression of FinTech to FinServ”

Convenience & Security Alone Will Not Save the Day

Mehul Desai, LTP

Identity management, which encapsulates the issues of security and privacy, will be one of the most critical factors to ensure that secure m-transactions can successfully scale. Security of an individual’s data will have to become the responsibility of a trusted community, where the risk and rewards of accessing an individual’s data are stacked up for the consumer rather than against. Effectively, the issue of security will dovetail into the larger issue of privacy, and the key will be to find the right balance between disclosure and oversight.

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Investing in the Southeast, a Growing FinTech Hub

Patrick Rivenbark, Medici

FinTech hubs are popping up around the world to challenge the status quo of London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Silicon Valley. If you follow financial services in the US, Charlotte, North Carolina, is no stranger to financial services as the third-largest banking hub in the US (it’s also our global headquarters and the newly created Carolina FinTech Hub). Continue reading “Investing in the Southeast, a Growing FinTech Hub”

London – Still The #1 FinTech Hub

Elena Mesropyan, LTP

Investors have poured more than $1 billion into British FinTech companies since the beginning of 2017. In H1 2017, UK attracted $564 million of VC investment, up 37% on H1 2016. FinTech is worth $9.25 billion to the UK economy and now employs 60,000 people. “FinTech is a real asset for the UK’s economy and we are a global leader in our own right,” Catherine McGuinness, Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee at the City of London Corporation, saidearlier in October 2017. Continue reading “London – Still The #1 FinTech Hub”

Week in Review: The Stories of FinTech

Patrick Rivenbark, Medici

Rational. That’s how I’d describe banking, trading, and finance generally at its core – for better or worse. When you strip it down, FinServ is a giant, global spreadsheet of increasingly complex formulas spitting out dividends, interest, debts, credits, and transfers. Unfortunately, we humans have a flaw of being, well, human: imperfect, irrational, and emotional. What do humans really latch on to? A story.

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FinTech, FIs & Investors Are All Aligned in Addressing Market Needs

LTP Team

It was a busy quarter for deals in FinTech. According to the latest report from FT Partners, banking (including P2P lending), and payments scored the most deals in the period. With innovation in facilitating convenient banking services, comes ever-accelerating fraud risk and a considerate cost at which security breaches come to companies. No wonder forward-thinking teams continue to secure financial support for advanced security solutions, and payments behemoths continue an aggressive push to make payments convenient. Continue reading “FinTech, FIs & Investors Are All Aligned in Addressing Market Needs”