Category: Fintech

Blockchain and the Future of Work

Richard Horne, International Labour Organization

Blockchain has the potential to improve the functionality of labour markets and address some of the major challenges in the world of work. Blockchain is to Bitcoin what the internet is to emails, that is, Bitcoin is just one outcome made possible by the existence of Blockchain technology. But there are so many more.  Continue reading “Blockchain and the Future of Work”

Virtual Cards: The B2B Payment Method of the Future

Ed Jordan, Billtrust

When it comes to payments in the B2B world, customers are looking for more convenient ways to pay their bills. With the latest technological advancements, their options are expanding. As with any new technology, however, new challenges arrive that can slow down the invoice-to-cash process. But if a supplier has the right A/R process in place, new technology doesn’t have to mean that there will be new challenges to overcome.

Continue reading “Virtual Cards: The B2B Payment Method of the Future”

What Does a Wise Decision on an ICO Look Like?

Elena Mesropyan, LTP

The regulatory tide is inevitable when it comes to investments of unprecedented scaleinvolving vulnerable parties. Whether ruled out as illegal or met with hope and wisdom, regulatory authorities around the world are taking a hard look at modern financial instruments, acknowledging their role in the financial services industry. Continue reading “What Does a Wise Decision on an ICO Look Like?”

FinTech Week in Review: Because You Can!

Patrick Rivenbark, Medici

It’s good for all of us to remember that we are building FinTech on the backs of centuries upon centuries of entrepreneurship, technology, and straight work. We may be in more extraordinary times than others (being in the internet and blockchain era) but that does not diminish the fact that generations before us made everything we do today possible. What is novel, innovative, disruptive, and progressive becomes a commodity and taken for granted. Continue reading “FinTech Week in Review: Because You Can!”