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Connecting with the New Generations of Customers

Jose Luis Orihuela, Universidad de Navarra

 The digital presence of companies is no longer enough, the market has changed again and now it´s time to adopt the form of the network. Ubiquitous connectivity, mobile access and online social experience shape the new communication environment of consumers. The trends, anticipated by The Cluetrain Manifesto in 1999, constitute today’s scenario. Continue reading “Connecting with the New Generations of Customers”

5 Tips to Running an Online Business with 100% Remote Customers

Nicole Rowley, Nabors Industries

Consequently, starting a business isn’t that hard, although being successful with one can be. The strategy for keeping overhead low is common for many startups, which is why outsourcing, drop shopping, and running online stores is so prevalent.

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FinTech is Not a Threat to Banks. Telcos, WhatsApps, & Amazons of the World Are [Curated Content]

Elena Mesropyan, LTP

 As of July 2017, WhatsApp counted 1.3 billion active monthly users. To put things into perspective, imagine that the whole population of India or China is active on WhatsApp every month. WhatsApp is a well-known heavyweight in mobile communications, and now, the Facebook-owned social app is armed and ready to storm one of the most important FinTech markets in the world – India. All local players (possibly Remitly, PayU, PhonePe, Paytm) are entering a whole new level of competition with this announcement. Fascinating times ahead! Continue reading “FinTech is Not a Threat to Banks. Telcos, WhatsApps, & Amazons of the World Are [Curated Content]”

The Store Needs A Data-Driven Facelift

Glenn Taylor, Retail TouchPoints

As e-Commerce shopping increases every year, all omnichannel retailers must assess the role of the store in their future strategies. But not every segment feels equal confidence in their stores going forward: only 13% of retailers that primarily sell consumer packaged goods believe that stores are more important to their future strategy than digital, according to the 2017 Digital Selling Report from Retail Systems Research (RSR).

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Google Has Called Its Direct Competitor

Sandra Merezhynska, Stfalcon

Amazon in the past year has produced a real boom in the financial market, when the company’s shares rose in price immediately doubled, overtaking the value of Google stock. The net profit of in 2016 amounted to $136 Billion, and the number of active users has long exceeded the mark of 300 million. Maintaining and processing such a huge amount of data requires tremendous resources. In this article, we will find out, what to consider when developing a high-load project, considering the experience of Continue reading “Google Has Called Its Direct Competitor”

Innovators Point The Way To The Store Of The Future

Adam Blair, Retail TouchPoints

The so-called “retail apocalypse” may have been debunked, but there’s still no question that the industry is in the midst of profound change. Retailers aren’t just looking for ways to tweak the shopping experience; many seek to reimagine every aspect of how they will interact with consumers.

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Where eCommerce Will be in 10 Years

Holly Cardew, Pixc

The founders of Harry’s Razors, Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield, were nicknamed “the American internet cowboys” by German media after their $100 million purchase of a razor manufacturing plant in Eisfeld, Germany.

You’re probably wondering… why would anyone spend that kind of money on a razor factory? The founders of Harry’s Razors would, that’s who.

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Category Manager’s Time-Saving Tips: Assortment Management, Pricing, and…. Negotiations!

Nick Tikhomirov, Competera

What makes a category manager great? His ability to sign the best deal with suppliers, manage assortment efficiently, quickly change category and product prices, analyze particular activities and forecast future sales, of course!

Along with the fact that the Category Manager is rarely working with a single category, and you’ll see that those specialists are multifunctional octopuses.

Time is a decisive factor.

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