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“Make relationships, not things.”

Steve Bryant, Dicks & Betties

 Brands think of content as another product to create, but content isn’t a thing. Content is a relationship. This statement has the whiff of woo woo, but allow me a moment to convince you of its simple truth. Because once you’re convinced, you’ll be free to stop deliberating about what to make, or how to make it, or whether it will go viral, and instead realize this one, simple truth: All storytelling begins with deciding what kind of relationship you want to have with your audience. Continue reading ““Make relationships, not things.””

The Store Needs A Data-Driven Facelift

Glenn Taylor, Retail TouchPoints

As e-Commerce shopping increases every year, all omnichannel retailers must assess the role of the store in their future strategies. But not every segment feels equal confidence in their stores going forward: only 13% of retailers that primarily sell consumer packaged goods believe that stores are more important to their future strategy than digital, according to the 2017 Digital Selling Report from Retail Systems Research (RSR).

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Continuous Innovation in Product Management

Henrik Ståhl, Dagens industri

In today’s world of fast-paced digital transformation, we often take innovation for granted. Not only do we expect Apple or Samsung or HTC to revolutionize the smartphone market with every single product release, but also to revolutionize other markets with completely new products. Continue reading “Continuous Innovation in Product Management”

Your high-tech PR sucks because the media are just like bookstores

Dmitri Lisitski, Influ2 Spreading the word about your product is incredibly hard. Experienced PR people focus on creating a great story that is attractive to both journalists and the audience. But if you don’t sell an amusing toy to play with pets, like my friend does, and your product is more like a “vertical DSP platform with machine learning driven by proprietary DMP,” like we have, you notice very quickly that the journalists are yawning before you even finish answering the first question. This post is for the folks who struggle to get the attention of journalists for their nerdy high-tech B2B product.

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