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FinTech Is the Ultimate Tool for Financial Inclusion and Upward Mobility

LTP team

The LTP Team had the pleasure of speaking with Juan E. Tavares, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer at LendingPoint. Juan works to distill stories from data, leverage investor relations, and nurture new opportunities in the lending market. Seizing the opportunity to bring LendingPoint to the American market, Juan points to the economy’s reshaping of the financial services industry, resulting in new regulatory environments for lenders and new challenges for consumers. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Juan as much as we did. Continue reading “FinTech Is the Ultimate Tool for Financial Inclusion and Upward Mobility”

Frankfurt – An Emerging FinTech Gem in Changing Europe

Elena Mesropyan, LTP

According to MEDICI data, Germany’s FinTech landscape counts ~475 companies. While FinTech companies in Germany collected €400 million for the whole of 2016, the inflow of capital had already reached €307 million in H1 2017. The number of deals also went up, as did the average size of the deals, rising from €7 million to €7.3 million,Frankfurt Main Finance, the financial center initiative for Frankfurt am Main, reports. Continue reading “Frankfurt – An Emerging FinTech Gem in Changing Europe”

Tech Empowers, Tech Polarizes

Mark Muro, Metropolitan Policy Program

Tech is a hugely empowering force in the workplace, but it also polarizes. At a moment of disquiet about the nation’s West Coast tech giants, that’s the ambiguous synopsis of the big new report we at Brookings Metro just released on the progress of “digitalization” — the diffusion of digital technology into nearly every business and workplace.

Our report is, in this sense, a true good news / bad news story. Continue reading “Tech Empowers, Tech Polarizes”

Protocol Tokens — Good for Investors, Bad for Business

Mason, TokenSoft

If you’ve been making the rounds pitching your upcoming ICO, chances are you’ve been rejected and labeled as not a protocol token. The protocol token thesis, outlined in USV’s blog title Fat Protocols, states that 90% of the value of the network is captured in the protocol layer which is accessible by a token native to that network. Investors love protocol tokens as they can buy in early and experience gains similar to what was seen with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Continue reading “Protocol Tokens — Good for Investors, Bad for Business”

From Zero to Thirty Clients in Less Than 3 Months

Neeraj Joshi, Pushstart

The journey of how a solo tech founder, Arvind, cracked sales and grew his client base at Infosec Future.

India is world’s fastest growing startup ecosystem where 3–4 new firms are born everyday. We have grown significantly in the past five years and are expected to grow 10–12% YOY for the next five years till 2020.

Continue reading “From Zero to Thirty Clients in Less Than 3 Months”

The Reason AI Terrifies the World’s Greatest Minds and Why it’s Inevitable Machines Take Over

Christopher Herd, ICE UK ltd

Marketing is really about how customer values translate into aspirations, insecurities, fears and motivations.

Twenty years ago, in 1997, Steve Jobs told us,

“Marketing is about values”

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50 Millennial Entrepreneurs Driving The Future of Tech in Europe

Karolina Stawinska, Founders Factory Ltd

 Imagine how important every second is when you have a heart attack, or consider the implications of a world run entirely on renewable energy. If you thought Blockchain technology would only impact finance; think again. From detecting cardiac arrest with 92% accuracy to solving energy problems in the year 2050 by growing power grids made of plants, European Seed-Stage Founders are taking a bold stance on the applications of Blockchain, Robotics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, driving the future of tech in Europe. Continue reading “50 Millennial Entrepreneurs Driving The Future of Tech in Europe”

7 Lessons From 100+ Failed Startups

Anastasia Mudrova,

There’s a joke about startups. “For every 10 startups you see in the market, 11 of them will fail.” I didn’t want to think that my startup would be the one to fail, and no entrepreneur does. I thought I knew it all…or at least would learn it all during the process of launching my startup. Jason Huertas, author of My Startup Failed, says this is common, writing:

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