Author: Jerry Brenner

FinTech Week in Review: Boiling Frogs

Patrick Rivenbark, Medici


I have a confession: I wasn’t planning on taking a summer break from writing the FinTech Week in Review but the constant heat has a way of forcing you be a little lazy. It’s the slow, habituation to the heat which makes you forget that cool, activity-filled days are ahead of you. We’re boiling frogs – at least for a couple weeks.

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How to Close Your Deals Faster

Olena Danylchenko, Invisible

If you ask any sales rep what is the secret to closing deals faster, they will provide a ton of recommendations, from creating a sense of urgency and stating the price upfront to introducing the management to the prospect. Nevertheless, well-informed and skilled as they are, sales people often keep demonstrating just average productivity – in other words, the increase in the number of deals closed during a certain time period simply doesn’t happen.

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How to Transform Your Mailbox into a High-End Business Hub

Rakesh Gupta

Having to fumble with number of clicks – (1) when in a hurry; (2) when an important idea pops up; or (3), god forbid, when in the midst of an important negotiation with a premium client – is one of the major pet peeves of most Sales representatives. Is it a surprise then, that the representatives gravitate towards features, or Apps, that enable them to take quick actions with as few clicks as possible?

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Category Manager’s Time-Saving Tips: Assortment Management, Pricing, and…. Negotiations!

Nick Tikhomirov, Competera

What makes a category manager great? His ability to sign the best deal with suppliers, manage assortment efficiently, quickly change category and product prices, analyze particular activities and forecast future sales, of course!

Along with the fact that the Category Manager is rarely working with a single category, and you’ll see that those specialists are multifunctional octopuses.

Time is a decisive factor.

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BYOD and Business Mobility: Top Common Misconceptions

Sergey Pavlov, Artezio

Business mobility is a wide term that covers a large range of questions starting from interactions with clients to arranging employees’ remote work. In this article, we will consider such aspect of corporate mobility as implementing a BYOD policy (Bring Your Own Device) in terms of increasing enterprise operational efficiency. Many companies have already adopted BYOD which assumes that employees use their own devices and technology solutions at their workplace. However, the attitude to this issue varies. Let’s consider the main errors and misconceptions related to BYOD. Continue reading “BYOD and Business Mobility: Top Common Misconceptions”

How to Prepare Your Inventory for Price Optimization and Stay Competitive With Price Intelligence

Eugene Kharybin, Competera

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a hardline or softline retailer. You’re already aware of the benefits of good inventory management. Quality customer service, theft protection, purchasing and replenishment control… And the list goes on and on…

Today I want to share with you an article on how to prepare your inventory for fluent daily product management and efficient price optimization as well.

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