Some ABM vendors promise to deliver your company’s ads to your target accounts, but can they really tell you who they reach?

Probably some VPs. Or maybe someone else?

Please meet Greg. He assists someone in your target account and your target ABM accounts are full of Gregs.

Influ2 can fix this.

Influ2 allows you to target specific decision-makers and see how they interact with your ads.

So instead of this dashboard that says that you probably showed your ads to someone who exists in the same universe as your target decision-makers:

You will get this dashboard with actionable insights:

You will know by name who you show your ads to and when any kind of engagement occurs–how many times each person saw your ads, clicked on them, and how much time they spent on your landing page.

This means you will know the exact moment you got each decision-maker’s attention. You will be able to provide the context of communication for your company’s salespeople and let them know when they have to step in.

Influ2 is the key to gaining complete control over your ABM. Want to get one?

..With traditional online ABM platforms we never knew if the right people within the prospective client organization were seeing our messaging. With Influ2, we are sure that the key B2B decision-makers are being reached..

Stephen Ngo, Digital Growth Manager, ProfitWell

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