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Dmitry Dontsov, Spinbackup

The generation that produced a huge amount of data drives development of data storage technologies. It encourages developers to continuously search for new sources of storage, and to enhance the reliability of storage, the access to data, and their data protection solutions.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein.


Data loss or leakage has become a boundary today. This problem, as a result of unauthorized access, has become one of the most critical vulnerabilities in the modern world, making it a target for hackers worldwide. That’s why existing protection through login + password is no longer effective, and in some cases useless, with hackers continuously inventing new sophisticated ways to access critical user data.

Information security experts believe that if a user does not have a copy of his data stored in a protected location away from the originals, it is akin to that user having no data at all.


SPIN ICO is conducted by Spinbackup – the Cloud Cybersecurity and Cloud-to-Cloud Backup provider for SaaS services. The offering will be open to the public globally.

SPIN tokens grant their holders the exclusive right to buy and distribute two of Spinbackup’s innovative solutions with a significant discount of 50%. It also enables token holders to use the Marketplace and  distribute Spinbackup solutions by renting their tokens out to potential customers.

Tokens sale starting on November 7, 2017 and ending on December 7, 2017. There will also be a public presale starting on October 18, 2017 and ending on November 3, 2017 for parties willing to buy a large number of tokens (10,000 tokens at the Early Bird stage of the pre-sale, and 1,000 tokens at the later stage).


Spinbackup enhances data protection by adding new security layers for individual and corporate users of cloud services.

Blockchain​ ​Single​ ​Sign​ ​On​ for G Suite and Office 365 is an ultimately secure data leak and data loss protection solution that provides a password-free access, ensuring the protection of your digital identity certificate at all stages. An SSL certificate, which can easily be installed on any device, enables fast access to your critical SaaS data. Spinbackup has gained significant expertise and experience in providing data protection in cloud environments, effectively collaborating with the world’s leading cloud service providers, their customers, and partners.

Principles of Blockchain technology and innovative deployment models open wide opportunities for a number industries through the use of a decentralized common database. The Spinbackup team is convinced that the user password-free authorization and data management powered by Blockchain technologies will provide the ultimate solution for individual and corporate user data security.

According to the forecasts of the leading cloud providers, today, only 30% of the market has switched to cloud services, and during the next three years, an extra 40% of companies will transfer over. Consequently, the number of cloud providers’ customers will double, amounting to four billion users total. Spinbackup anticipates that these users will facilitate a widespread adoption of advanced technologies, allowing secure access and cloud-to-blockchain backup to be further developed in partnership with the leading decentralized storage providers such as Storj, FileCoin, and others.

Spinbackup offers a full range of innovative data protection solutions. Let’s explore our two newest offerings for the Blockchain community:

  1. Blockchain Single Sign On for Leading Cloud Services
  2. Cloud-to-Blockchain Backup to a Decentralized Storage


In contrast to the traditional method of two-factor authentication, Spinbackup provides a secure password-free access to SaaS data, with the ability to identify the user in one of the  leading cloud services, including Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, etc.

  1. Principles of the solution.
  • Spinbackup doesn’t​ store our customers’ personal data. After the certificate is created, the client’s data is completely deleted from our servers.
  • The certificate is stored on the client’s device only.
  • Checksums of certificates are stored in the blockchain decentralized network, so it is impossible to replace the existing certificate or to create a fake one.
  • You need to have an active account at G Suite or Office 365.
  1. Competitive edge and core values.

Our technology ensures that the certificate is issued exclusively for the cloud account owner. We use trusted cloud services for user authentication.

Fast.​ The secure certificate is issued in seconds with a click via the cloud service API.

Multitenant. You can create as many certificates as the number of accounts you have with your cloud provider, and you can use them each for different purposes if you’d like.

No Geographic Limitations. Since we are going to use the leading cloud services such as Google, and plan to add Microsoft, Dropbox, etc., our solution covers as many countries as these providers do.

Blockchain-powered. Blockchain is extremely reliable in terms of security. Our Spinbackup solution tackles the security problems of classic PKIs: The certificate cannot be replaced, and its legitimacy is not based on the checksum stored in the Blockchain.


For users requiring enhanced protection for backing up their critical SaaS data, we offer Cloud-to-Blockchain Backup to a decentralized storage. Distributed storage technology allows you to achieve 99.99999% data availability. Blockchain technology for decentralized data storage significantly reduces the risk of theft, since each backup object is split into parts.

There is no need for our service’s users to have in-depth knowledge of encryption and secure data storage –  Spinbackup provides a fully automated, easy to deploy functionality, powered by advanced Blockchain technology, in accordance with the world’s best practices in data protection standards.

Spinbackup is also looking to provide beneficial business models to its customers. One of the  benefits that leaps into the future is Spinbackup’s coin currency known as SPIN Tokens. Let’s take a look into SPIN Tokens:


SPIN token is implemented in the ERC-20 standard-based Ethereum tokens. Spinbackup provides the capability to purchase tokens in real time.

The owners of the tokens will have the opportunity to distribute Spinbackup’s innovative technology by renting their tokens out at the Token Management Platform, to Spinbackup customers.

Token Management Platform is the place where Spinbackup’s customers (existing and new), who are looking for an extra protection layer for their SaaS data, may directly interact with SPIN token holders. SPIN token holders will be able to resell Spinbackup blockchain based solutions by renting their tokens out.  Once a token is used by the renter, it will be locked up for 12 months so nobody else can use it again within that period of time.


Token holders are responsible for the listing and advertising of their offerings. They generate and qualify leads, support and manage their end users, and negotiate deals via the communication and customer relationship management platform offered by our Marketplace.

On the Token Management Platform, token holders will act as resellers and distributors of Spinbackup products, and will be responsible for paying Spinbackup licensing fees. Token holders will be entitled to charge the end customers directly in accordance with their mutual agreements. SPIN tokens provide the exclusive opportunity for a long term collaboration between token holders and their customers.

Spinbackup will terminate all discount programs in favor of a newly created Token Management Platform, where token owners may deposit and rent their tokens out to the new and existing Spinbackup customers. The Token Management Platform will enable market-driven benefits allowing to purchase Spinbackup products at a discounted rate, bringing extra financial benefits to the token holder.

Spinbackup has always taken its obligations seriously and therefore takes a cautious approach towards the risks that might arise with regard to market demand, token supply, limited access, etc. You can learn more at the official Whitepaper of Spinbackup ICO.

Transfers can be made from any BTC or ETH wallet, or with USD. Spinbackup reserves the right to offer special terms for strategic customers and partners.


Spinbackup’s mission is to build a Security Bridge between the Blockchain Community and Traditional Cloud Services.

Successful implementation of this mission will allow Spinbackup to make a significant contribution to the Blockchain community and the entire Blockchain ecosystem development and growth worldwide. The innovative collaboration of global leading cloud providers of cloud services and decentralized storage platforms, as well as the token holders, including resellers, channel partners, and end users, will incentivize Blockchain technology for data protection’s widespread adoption.

Spinbackup is looking to create the most attractive technological and financial incentives for the Blockchain community members to adopt blockchain powered password-free access to the leading cloud services and Cloud-to-Blockchain backup in decentralized storage facilities.

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