What Chatbots can do for E-Commerce Industry?

Maruti Techlabs We all have probably come across chatbots before, even if you haven’t been aware of them. Chatbots are simply automated programs that can perform repetitive and mundane work at a much faster rate than a human. Chatbots are typically programs pretending to be humans that we can interact with through text or voice input. Basically, we can talk to these chatbots in your messaging apps, much like we would with any other contact in the list, to get the day’s news updates or even to get something done.

The recent deluge of interest in chatbots has been prompted by the announcement at Facebook F8 developer conference that tools will be made available for developers to create bots inside Facebook Messengers.

Mobile messengers- connected with Chatbots and the E-commerce business can open a new channel for selling the products online. E-commerce Shopping destination “Spring” was the early adopter, as it was one of the Facebook’s launch partners. E-commerce future is where brands have their own Chatbots which can interact with their customers through their apps, Facebook messenger or any other messaging apps.

Spring – Chatbot

For many online business owners, who are not able to manage many customer conversations at a time generally outsource their customer support to a call center. But if the basic customer support conversation is handled by their Bot won’t that be more productive and cost effective? Smaller online businesses are generally run by few people who are thankful to automation that can help them manage several conversations with their customers at a time.

Famous E-commerce companies like Amazon have also launched their bot “Alexa” to assist their customers in best way they can. We can ask it, “Hey Alexa, can you find me a nice t shirt” and then we can select suitable one and go on to our Amazon account for transaction and can buy it. Companies like Amazon has a bit of an rarity having already figured out a way to monetize Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot technology with “Alexa”.

E-Commerce Chatbot

Apps are not going to be the way we shop online today. Chatbots or automated personal assistant will bridge the gap of personalization that customers face in online shopping. Consumers now a days are knee-deep into chat culture and are already turning to chat platforms for their day to day needs. Chatbots are going to dramatically advance the shopping experience of most of the consumers. Reports shows that consumers today’s expect personalization from the sellers. They want the websites they visit should treat them like an old friend. E-Commerce Chatbots will provide a conversational assistant, who can acknowledge the shopper’s intent and personalize the recommendations that are provided to the shopper.

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